24 Oct '14

True Story: I did YAS Teachers Training.

By Kimberly Fowler

by Haley Hunt Davis

YAS teachers training. It’s an illusive concept that anyone who has ever been to YAS has probably heard about, yet most don’t experience. But guess what y’all? I did it. And I’m here to tell you a bit about that experience for me. Let’s start with the basics…

Which studio did you take teachers training at? Well, I’m a Silverlake lady, so I stuck by my studio and took the training on the Eastside. This made my training unique, and very very special. I was lucky to be guided through this by Tracy, Silverlake’s master instructor, and Charlie, another very talented instructor at YAS. These two were majorly influential on my loving YAS in the first place, so it was really meaningful to have them share this experience with me.

Why did you decide to do teachers training? The honest to goodness truth is that I am a blogger by trade, but sometimes phentermine that isn’t the most lucrative job to have, so I needed to supplement my life with something else. And what pairs better with a food and health blog, than exercise? I’ll tell you… not much. So the opportunity presented itself and I jumped on it.

What was it like? Intense. Really, really intense. Mentally, physically and emotionally intense. But I wouldn’t give back a second of it. I was challenged in ways I have never been before, and I’ve come out of it in the best shape of my life. So that’s a definite plus. But I was taking classes 2-4 times a day! It was crazy. I had never challenged my body or mind like that before.


But the nice part was that I was doing it alongside 12 other people who were also motivating me. It’s a beautiful thing to watch people ban together and support each other in the way we got to.


But it wasn’t just the other trainees who were there to help and motivate, our leaders Tracy & Charlie gave up a lot of their time to practice with us, and every teacher at the studio was there to offer a word of advice or some guidance. It felt great to be so cared about.

Classes took on a life and energy of their own because the studio was pulsing with people who wanted to be there, and were chasing a goal.


We had times where we rehearsed for our finals by practicing both the yoga and spin sequences for each other. For me, this was so beneficial (and also nerve racking), especially when surrounded by incredibly talented and driven people. However, it’s moments like these that allow you to step into your own potential.


So here I am at the end of my two weeks, and my quads feel like lead, my hips are so sore, and I’m overly exhausted. BUT I have met some of the most amazing people I’ve encountered since moving to Los Angeles, and I feel so proud of all I was able to do in such a short amount of time. Sure there were moments where I thought that my body might give out, or wished I could hang out with my friends instead of go to another yoga class, but I wouldn’t give it back. I’m different now, and as cheesy as it sounds this made a huge impact on my life. I have new friends and walk with my head a little higher now that it is all said and done.

So if you ever hear some whispers about “teacher training” coming up, please do yourself a favor and consider it. Just consider it. And if you decided to take that leap know that you are about to shed a layer of rust, and become shiny and new. It will be worth every drop of sweat, that is the one thing I can promise you.

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