07 Nov '14

tip for dudes in movember: Going “Commando” in Yoga?

By Kimberly Fowler

Going “commando” in yoga, guys? Probably NOT the best idea. You might give your teacher a little TMI. This is a subject that’s gotten A LOT of attention on both my Twitter & Facebook pages. If you’re a yoga instructor or one of those people who likes to practice in the back of the room you’ve probably experienced “a sighting” more than once. (I won’t even bring up standing splits.) Guys: Big, baggy shorts might be cool on the basketball court, but if you’re going to wear them to yoga class, you might want to include some tighty-whities or a pair of boxers. I’m just saying… While we’re on the subject of what to wear or not to wear to class, remember: Yoga is a barefoot practice. So take off your shoes before you walk into class. Your socks, too. For women, a tight-fitting top is a must…so when you go upside down your top doesn’t end up over your head. Have questions or personal insights on what to wear (or not) to a yoga class? Please post them in the comments, or email them to I would love to hear from you!!