Hitting the Hamptons with Prevention

I recently returned from a trip to the east coast as Prevention Magazine’s featured instructor at their 2nd Annual Yoga Studio in Southampton, NY. There, at the Prevention Yoga House or “Yoga Pop-Up,” I taught YOGA for ATHLETES® and YOGA RIPPED classes — a whole lot of them — for three days over the July 15th weekend. And it was a whole lot of fun. Attendees enjoyed free classes, energy-boosting refreshments, healthy goodies and more, and I got a nice write up in KDHamptons.com, “The Luxury Lifestyle Diary of the Hamptons,” for my pioneering role in the hybrid yoga craze. But I have to admit, teaching five classes a day was tough! As always, though, my students made it all worth it. I was only there for the weekend, but I had “regulars,” which was very sweet. One woman drove out from Delaware, took all five of my classes, then drove back home! And Prevention’s publisher, Laura Petasnick, and the magazine’s fitness editor, Jessica Cassity, came to my Yoga Ripped class. Yoga Ripped was my most popular class at the event, which sort of figures with all those type-A New Yorkers (not to insult anyone, I’m way type-A, myself). What else… Oh! I got my first-ever “tip,” money-wise, after teaching class. It came from an “older gentlemen” and his wife, Marvin & Mercedes. Experience-wise, students at the event ran the gamut from “newbies to yogis,” which makes teaching more challenging. But I obviously did something right: I got a “seated ovation” after every class (which was also very sweet ;-). All in all, it was a wonderful time. Sherri and I spent a couple extra days in New York City after the event, which is always nice, but the heat this time was overwhelming and we were very happy to return to the cool ocean breezes of our Venice home.