What is YOGA for ATHLETES®?

YOGA for ATHLETES® (YFA) is the style of yoga we teach at YAS Fitness Centers. It was created by an athlete for athletes of all levels, as well as anyone seeking a no-nonsense approach to yoga...and a good sweat. YFA® classes concentrate on the physical benefits of yoga, eighty-sixing the chanting and Sanskrit terms. Classes are “no-pretzel zones”—instructors don’t tie themselves in knots or expect you to. All classes are accompanied by cool, current tunes rather than traditional yoga music. If you’ve been turned off in the past by traditional yoga classes, YFA® may be just what you’re looking for. Classes focus on the areas of the body athletes use and abuse most—the hips, shoulders, hamstrings and core. Flexibility and stress-relief are central to YFA®, but so are strength and endurance. YFA® classes provide a serious, full-body workout. Students coming from other studios often express pleasant surprise at just how serious. All classes are one-hour. Each follows its own set sequence (as do many popular styles of yoga). YFA® is excellent cross-training for athletes: runners, swimmers, cyclists, YAS indoor cyclists—you name it. It’s designed to help keep you injury free and in the game — no matter your game, no matter your age. By practicing two or three times-a-week, you’ll improve flexibility, balance, strength and muscle tone. BTW: Our female members often say YFA® is the only yoga class their men will attend with them.

If I’ve never done yoga before, can I do a YOGA for ATHLETES® class?

Yes. Classes are designed for all levels, including beginners. The poses we do are within almost everyone's reach. You don't have to be flexible coming in the door. Most athletes aren't. Neither are most Type A's.

Tell me about the different YOGA for ATHLETES® levels?

YAS offers three levels of YFA® classes. All are challenging yet uncomplicated, safe, fun and effective, allowing you to concentrate on getting a great yoga workout. CORE our signature 26-pose series all about core & strength. It is a succinct routine that challenges you at any level. STRETCH focuses on the benefits of stretching & flexibility. A slower, more modified routine that is a great intro to our program. BALANCE incorporates many of the benefits of our Core class adding balancing poses to take your practice to the next level.

I’m not an athlete? Can I still take the class?

Absolutely! YFA® is for anyone wanting a practical approach to flexibility, balance, strength, stress-reduction and injury-prevention. And you may just start feeling like an athlete with regular attendance.

If I do yoga do I still need to do weights?

The YAS philosophy is that YFA® is all you need. How often do you lift your body weight while lifting weights? In YFA®, you lift your body weight a lot! (Think Plank and Hover poses.) That's why regular students develop sculpted "Yoga Arms."

Does yoga burn calories? Can I lose weight doing yoga?

Definitely. You'll burn around 300-500 calories in a YFA® class depending on how hard you work. Do a full YAS indoor cycling class followed by a YFA® class and you can burn up to 1000 calories! It's a great way to lose weight.

If I spin and do yoga, which one should I do first and why?

We recommend taking YAS indoor cycling classes before yoga. The cardio workout warms up your body so it's open to deeper poses. You'll also burn more calories by spinning first: Your body will already be in its fat-burning zone entering YFA®. You can reverse the order, but your body will take longer warming up in yoga.

“I’m not your guru, you are”

That’s Kimberly Fowler’s philosophy and at YAS, her belief in self-empowerment — and that working out should be fun — combine to create a great, nonjudgmental atmosphere free of the forced sanctity found in so many yoga studios. At YAS, you’re free to believe what you want — as long as you’re ready to sweat.

Are yoga mats available?

Yes we do!  We charge a $2 mat rental fee.

How hot do you keep the yoga room

Between 80 & 85 degrees

Indoor Cycling

My butt hurts-How can I get more comfortable sitting on the saddle?

If you're new to the YAS program it may take a few classes for your body to get used to the saddle. Wearing padded cycling shorts or using a gel seat cover (we have them if you need one) will definitely make your ride more comfortable.Also, the stronger you get, the less actual weight you will have on the saddle. You will learn to use your core strength more. It doesn’t take long to acclimate!

Will my legs bulk up from cycling?

Not when done properly. Many people think that adding resistance to your bike will bulk up your legs. This is not true. The more resistance you use, the more lean and defined your muscles will get. Think of it like this, look at a long distance runners legs and compare them to the legs of a sprinter. The sprinters legs are huge! Why, because they run short distances, at high speeds. A long distance runners legs are very lean because they pace themselves. So, remember to "TAP IT UP".

What should I wear?

Comfortable workout attire is key. Biking shorts, or athletic leggings work best for spinning class and if you'd prefer padded cycling shorts are an option, which can make your ride more comfortable. If you want to fit right in, Kimberly Fowler has designed a premium line of YAS workout wear perfect for your workout and practice. A variety of styles are available at YAS fitness centers and online. If you don't have biking shoes you will need to wear athletic shoes with a supportive sole (most sneakers are fine). For those of you who have biking shoes, all of our Spinning® bikes are equipped with both "Look" and "SPD" clips. If you don't have biking shoes, we have baskets that can be applied to the bike so you can use your athletic shoes.

What’s so special about an indoor cycle?

There is nothing like the energy of classes at YAS. Our instructors are well trained and are very motivating and supportive. Music is key. Our instructors are known for the best music. So, energy, motivation and music come together to make classes at YAS safe, fun and effective. Regardless of how fit, flexible or coordinated you are, you'll get a great workout.

How many calories will I burn?

The number of calories you'll burn depends on a number of factors, including your weight and the intensity at which you exercise. Research indicates that on average, participants burn about 400-500 calories in a 40-minute workout (you can burn up to 800.) The "distance" traveled depends on cadence; however as an estimate, an average 40-minute class at a cadence of 80-110 rpm is equivalent to approximately 20-30 miles on the road.

It looks hard, do I need to be in great shape?

No. Almost anyone can benefit from a YAS in-door cycling class. You can go at your own pace by controlling the resistance on your bike. Taking an in-door cycling classes is a great way to get fit. If you are concerned about taking a class due to a physical condition, ask your doctor before taking a class for the first time.

I’m new. What should I expect?

If you are new to YAS in-door cycling, make sure you come to class 15 minutes prior to the beginning of the class. Let the instructor know that you are new and they will set you up and review the basics so you are ready for your first class. YAS in-door cycling is challenging. Most important thing is to be patient with your self. Don't expect to be able to do everything right away. YAS in-door cycling is great for all fitness levels; just take it at your own pace. Listen to your body and adjust the resistance on your bike accordingly. Arrive early to your first class and let your instructor know that it's your first time. They can make sure your bike is properly set up and give you a rundown on the bike and movements. We don’t want you to be intimidated.

Do I need to sign up in advance for a spin class?

Yes, many classes sell out. If you are not going to make it to a class that you are signed up for you need to cancel 1-hour before the class begins or you will be charged for the class. So, commit!

What type of pedals do the spin bikes have?

We have both "Look" & "SPD" pedals on every bike. You can also use athletic shoes & we can apply baskets to the bike of your choice.

Do you do any upper body work while Spinning®?

At YAS we really focus on safety above all, then of course being effective & fun. Spinning is truly meant to be a cardiovascular workout. Our thing is yoga & spinning and with yoga you get the ultimate upper body (arm & core) workout and in a place that it's meant to be done. There are a lot of newer concepts out there who are incorporating all kinds of things while spinning that are injuring so many people. We've been around a long time (over 11 years) and plan on being around a lot longer but we'll never expose our members to something that isn't safe...

Do you rent Spin Shoes?

Yes we do!  We rent shoes for $2.00.  You just need to provide us with a credit card to store in your profile and you are good to go!

YAS Classes

What makes YAS classes so special?

There is nothing like the energy of classes at YAS. Our instructors are well trained and are very motivating and supportive. Music is key. Our instructors are known for the best music. So, energy, motivation and music come together to make classes at YAS safe, fun and effective. Regardless of how fit, flexible or coordinated you are, you'll get a great workout.

I’m new to spin and yoga…Can I do the YAS Class?

Yes! The YAS class is safe, fun and effective. It's all levels and we will coach you through the class and you will have fun!

Will you help me with my set up and baskets? I’m really new to YAS.

Absolutely, we will make sure you are set up properly on the bike and you are placed in your baskets safely. It’s easy once you get the hang of it and everyone here has been there.

What if I can’t keep up?

Go at your own pace. We’ll encourage you. Our classes are all levels. You're in charge so when you are ready you can take it to the next level. You can ride in the saddle until you’re ready to go all the way!

I’m pregnant, can I still spin and do yoga?

It's always best to check with your doctor first but if you are given the green light to exercise, we can give you modifications for both spinning and yoga that are safe and will make your classes more comfortable for you.

Where do I buy spin shoes and what clips are best for just spinning?

You can go to your local biking store. If you are spinning only, we suggest the Look Clips for your spin shoes but we do offer SPD clips as well. Check with the YAS front desk for local specials.

Yoga or spin first?

It’s best to spin first. It heats up the body and brings you deeper into the fat burning zone. When our bodies are warm, the muscles stretch more easily. Yoga after spinning continues to build strength. Spinning not only burns 500+ calories per class, it continues to burn up to an additional 150-200 calories per day. Add a yoga class to that fire, and you’re a calorie-burning machine!

Are yoga mats available?

Yes we do!  We charge a $2 mat rental fee.

Do you rent Spin Shoes?

Yes we do!  We rent shoes for $2.00.  You just need to provide us with a credit card to store in your profile and you are good to go!

YAS Ripped

How long will it take to see results?

That depends on several factors, including genetics; workout intensity, body fat level, diet and how much room you have for improvement. If you’re out of shape you’ll see results faster then if you have been exercising for years. In general, with consistency most people see results in 3 weeks.

Why should I do YOGA for ATHLETES RIPPED®?

YOGA for ATHLETES RIPPED® is designed to build lean muscle mass quickly. Yoga on its own is strengthing but adding weights gets you ripped. Bump it up to pump it up.

What “size” weights should I use? Does size matter?

Emphatically NO. It’s about performance. There’s equal opportunity for everyone to improve. We provide 3lb and 5lb weight options. It’s most important to concentrate on your form, and breathing and to be able to work through the routine, using all your muscles for maximum effect and better satisfaction.

What if I get tired?

Put your weights down, relax, breathe, drink water and return when you are ready.

How often should I take a YOGA for ATHLETES RIPPED® class?

2 or 3 times a week is the suggested schedule for maximum effect.

Teacher Training Program

If I get certified by YAS can I teach at other gyms?

Yes, just ask any of our competitors! YAS trainees are sought after and many graduates teach at others gyms and studios

What if I have done other trainings, do I still have to take the YAS teachers training to teach at YAS?

Yes, the YAS brand is very specific and we need to insure quality control

Can I just do yoga or just indoor cycling?

No, all of our instructors teach both yoga and indoor cycling.

Am I guaranteed a teaching spot if I go thru the training?

We are always looking for great teachers but we can't make any guarantees.  It all depends on you.  You need to successfully complete the training and the apprentice program and be ready, willing and able to teach when you get the call.

What if I don’t want to teach?

You can take the training as a boot camp or to just learn more about yoga and indoor cycling.

How do you select who gets to teach?

We look for individuals who can motivate and inspire our members.  They must have amazing taste in music and embody a teacher so personal form is key.