Performance Yoga is an effective class that integrates movement, strength, and breath work to help athletes excel, no matter their sport or ability level. A sequential routine with specific Yoga poses, this class is designed for athletes and those of us whose flexibility may be challenged, but it’s also challenging enough even for the most flexible among us. And it’s not just for athletes: Performance Yoga reaches the athlete in all of us by improving balance, flexibility, power, and stamina, which can result in improved performance, injury reduction, and faster recovery for everyone and athletes of all levels. Plain and simple, set to mellow modern tunes, it’s good for you.  

For those who desire the tremendous benefits of Performance Yoga but are short on time we offer Power 30, an effective class 30-minute version of our Performance Yoga that integrates movement, strength, and breath work to help you excel no matter your sport, ability level, or time constraints. An all-levels class, the Power 30 is an intense, sequential routine of poses rooted in traditional Yoga, focusing on stamina, balance, and power. Power 30 is challenging enough to help you build long, lean muscles, but also accessible no matter your current fitness level. Set to mellow modern tunes, you will leave every Power 30 class stronger both mentally and physically. Power 30 is the perfect combo of mind- and strength-building exercises packed into a class that even the busiest executive, athlete, or parent can find time to attend.

Yoga For Athletes


Discover the experience that spawned the global indoor cycling phenomenon 25 years ago, and has continued to dominate the personal fitness realm since. Spinning® is a high-energy indoor cycling workout taught in 45- or 60-minute classes by Spinning® Certified Instructors known for their expert guidance and great music mixes that keep people motivated and moving. In our fun and effective classes you can burn more calories than with any other form of cardio workout! If you’re a beginner, don't be deterred! Whether you’re new to Spinning® or a dedicated performance athlete, you can make the class your own at the intensity you want, thanks to our innovatively engineered and micro-adjustable Spinner® bikes.



The exclusive SPY Class is a hybrid of our Spinning® and Performance Yoga classes, giving you both cardio training, as well as strength and flexibility work. SPY Class consists of 30 minutes of indoor cycling immediately followed by 30 minutes of Performance Yoga, and is great for people who are looking to get an introduction to Spinning® and Performance Yoga, as well as those who want to get the whole workout package in one effective hour.

YAS Class


Performance Yoga Ripped is a total body workout designed to tone and sculpt every major muscle group. Free weights serve as your own personal adjuster, adding extra length and depth in each yoga pose. This intense but easy-to-follow class complements your regular Performance Yoga practice, while also pushing your strength and flexibility to a new level.

YAS Ripped